This GoDaddy Premium Domain change could help you sell a lot more domains

GoDaddy is testing how it displays domain names listed for sale through Afternic/GoDaddy Premium Listings.

I received an offer on Sedo for one of my domain names this morning. Whenever I receive an offer on a domain, my first stop is GoDaddy where I search for the domain to see if I have a “buy now” price on it. Searching for the domain at GoDaddy informs me if I have a GoDaddy Premium Listing or Afternic listing with a buy now price.

Whenever a domain is listed with a buy now price through GoDaddy’s network, it shows up as available at the top with a premium price. It usually looks something like this:

But when I searched today I found that some of the listings looked like this:

It appears GoDaddy is split testing premium domain notices to see which works better. I also saw some that looked like the old lander but had a phone number as well.

This updated notice pulls in some info from GoDaddy’s new appraisal tool to explain why the domain name is valuable. It also has a prominent phone number in case people have questions about buying the domain. It also has a link to this video that explains why premium domains are worth more.

I think this new for sale notice will perform much better than the old one, but it’s wise of GoDaddy to split test this to make sure.

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