Thinking of owning a domain?

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These are the things you need to know. Having a domain is like having a real estate online where your customers get access to lots of residences and pick up the most suitable. Furthermore, the importance of a domain name can be seen in terms of

1.          CREDIBILITY: A good and simple domain name adds credibility to a business and having your own domain name creates a professional impression attracting people to engage more with a website.

2.          BRAND BUILDING: A good and simple domain name can create brand awareness. When the domain name and organization name are the same, it is easier for clients and customers to keep the organization name in mind and recommend to others.

3.          ATTRACTS WALK-IN BUSINESS: When a domain name implies the business concept, it will increase customers’ engagement and website popularity putting the website ahead in search engines.

4.          INTERNET PRESENCE MOBILITY: when a domain name is owned solely by a person, it would be easier to access, control, and coordinate the domain from any part of the world.

5.          SEO RANKING: Search engines recognize the importance of domain names and give preference to websites with good domain names. For websites launched with a free web host like word press, adding keywords to domain names will help improve the website ranking.

In recent years, Domain Name System (DNS) has been seen to expand sporadically in the market trend. According to Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company, “the top four emerging trends driving the global DNS tools market are; the increased use of mobile devices, growing adoption of new platforms, increased use of e-commerce, and adoption of managed security services.” The adoption of DNS tools to secure and protect networks most importantly when accessing confidential information has also been on the rise.

Using multiple domains is a useful tactic in driving traffic to a website. Also, generic domain gives companies a variety of domain options to choose from that suits their business. Since individuals would prefer to choose a domain that matches their search term than the business name, it would be wise for an organization or individual to focus more on generic domain name than the non-generic names. Including location in the URL would help customers find a business easily and also remember a brand amongst others. A generic domain name stamps authority on a brand and increases users’ trust of getting the exact thing they search for. The importance of having a generic domain is also that it increases users’ engagement, promotes higher ranking on search engines, and increase website traffic which is healthy for business.