Benefits of Owning a Premium of Niche Domain Name

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An interesting fact is that the internet has made the world a global market breaking the barrier of the need for a physical presence that characterizes local markets by making available sources of resources and users who are interested and in need of such resources. It is paramount therefore for business outfits, organizations, and resources institute to own a domain whose name now serves as a brand but also as an identity for internet, network search.

A domain name may represent for aggregates of resources or individual contents. The domain names that are premium helps in identification brands to lay claim to a content or control of their resources; they also verify DNS in email systems as well as in other URIs. A very important function of the domain name is to provide easy but relative, memorable name that users can have easy access to. This builds reliability and traffic on the sites of such domain names are used.

A domain name is therefore said to be premium or niche if it is easy to spell, can be recognized in an instant and is not too long but very catchy. A domain name such as “” Or “” Or “” are premium domain names and more reliable than “ or “  Below are highlighted some benefits of owning a premium or niche domain name.

•              Increases visibility: A premium or niche domain names that are short, witty and are easy to recall tend to spread (go viral) from one user to another user who might be in need of same resource or content on your domain.

•              Enhances brand recognition: A witty and short premium or niche domain name will be easily recognized and recalled when it is needed for contents are needed for your domain. But a long and boorish domain name won’t cut it.

•              Exudes trust and reliability: End users are more at home and relied totally on domains with premium or niche names. Reason being that premium or niche domain name is registered and therefore exudes trust and authority, unlike unknown domain names that raise questions of credibility.

•              Direct traffic: Premium or niche domain names command direct traffic as it I’d very easy to search and accessed by users sourcing for resource or content. An end user is likely to search for when browsing to purchase a car and unlikely for the same user to search for

•              SEO advantage: Owning a premium or niche domain name that is in relation to the industry of your resource or content will give an added advantage as it will spare you in engaging in adverts for the contents as the premium domain name itself is an advert

•              Attracts Sponsorship: Good premium or niche names attract sponsorship does and adverts on your domain which can source for additional income.

It is no doubt that owning a premium or niche domain names has extensive benefits that seems inexhaustible.

Author: Muhammad Kausar Saleem