New gTLDs Vs .COM

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in the use of the Internet for business growth. This led to the introduction of new domain extensions. The generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) was developed to make businesses more associated with on the Internet. This new gTLD’s has a lot of advantages over the dot COM. And over time, new gTLDs are expected to become more relevant and perhaps change the way that consumers globally seek out and consume content online.

Availability: A company can choose a TLD based on its industry instead of having to use a dot com. For example, a tech company can decide to use instead of the This makes it even easier to locate a company, an instant connection with prospective clients or differentiate one from another using a similar domain name. The generic domain, however, gives users a variety of options to use like .gdn.

Premium domain pricing: The .com an average domain can cost as much as $10,000+, even a three letter word domain can go for $100,000. But the new gTLDs offer the same names or even better ones for as low as $5000 or lesser, which is a very significant cost cut and affordable for all size businesses.

Easy Identification: Companies can also be easily located by their domain name. For example, gives a clear understanding that the company is located in New York and customers can locate companies based on their domain names. John Mueller, a Google staff mentioned in his article that “Even if they look region-specific” Google will treat domains as gTLDs. Think about “American Family Insurance” having a unique brand-able, shorter URL and easy to remember domain name

Brand Visibility: The new gTLD offer companies the chance of generating a most relevant domain which would be attached only to the company business, give customers a reason to find their brand name and to engage. For an example “American Family Insurance” having a domain name like, anybody that comes across the domain would know that ones he/she clicks on the link, the products that would be shown will be related to insurance. Murphy also mentioned that new gTLDs will be treated the same as other old TLD’s. They will require the same geo-targeting settings and configuration, and they won’t have more weight are an influence in the way Google crawl, index, or rank URLs.”

Many companies and emerging start-ups are riling to get their hands on the new TLDs. It was announced sometimes back that OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, acquired which he planned using for a blog. Also, GM has a new website named The adoption of this new TLDs is continuously increasing and it is predicted that the first set of users will benefit immensely.

However, I observed some companies still backing to pull the trigger to buy the right domain names, could be the matter of oversight. Perhaps they have to get there before others, if they wait to acquire the name they want, it will typically only get more expensive the longer as time passes.