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Why is premium domains name important?

Which domain name are you more likely to trust – or If the answer seems obvious to you, congratulations: you have already learned the value of a premium domain name.

Some domains  are more expensive than others, simply because they are perceived as more valuable. A premium domain name is one that is already owned by a person or a registry and has a higher perceived worth due to its length, keywords or brand-ability. If a premium domain name costs you more than a regular domain name, should you just go with the latter?

The short answer is NO. A premium domains such as provides your business with instant trust and authority. A short domain with the best keywords in your niche will immediately establish your company’s website as an authority. In turn, the greater sense of trust will help with outreach and link placement which translates into greater SEO benefits.

Last but not least, a premium domain name gets you higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and direct traffic. Many people still prefer to bypass the search engines like Google altogether and instead, type the domain name that they believe will take them to a relevant website. Premium domain names are just that and having one is one of the best investments you can do for your company.

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