Cryptocurrency domains are no longer trending

From total domination to “where did those go?”.

Verisign released its latest report of the top trending keywords in new .com domain name registrations, and something is noticeably absent for January: cryptocurrency terms.

For months, domain names including terms such as coin and crypto have been on the trending list. But this month none of the top ten spots include these terms.

There are a couple possible reasons for this.

First, the trending terms list looks at the percentage month-over-month increase in domains registered that contain the word. It’s harder to grow percentage-wise as the base gets bigger.

Second, crypto-related domain names have been largely picked over.

You might also argue that interest in cryptocurrencies is starting to wane with price drops, but I wouldn’t write that on a blog like this and have crypto bettors fill up the comments with hate comments.

So what took over for crypto? Take a look:

1. near
2. cell
3. dispensary
4. stem
5. claim
6. centers
7. hole
8. residential
9. nano
10. cane

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