YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube

January 19, 2018 admin 0

Want to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? Wondering how to help your videos perform well with the YouTube algorithm? To explore how to get more views for your videos on YouTube, I interview Sean Cannell. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk […]

Facebook won’t retreat from Stories as it adds desktop posting

January 18, 2018 admin 0

Next Story wants to make FDA compliance easier for startups Facebook Stories might feel redundant because 300 million people use its other Snapchat clones on Instagram and WhatsApp. But Facebook is convinced that the narrative, ephemeral, camera-first format is the future of sharing… and advertising. So despite criticism and a […]

Mark Zuckerberg bought a $150 million ‘expedition yacht’

January 18, 2018 admin 0

Update: A spokesperson for Mark Zuckerberg offered a pretty flat-out denial of the reports, saying, “The reports related to Mark purchasing a yacht are completely inaccurate as he did not purchase a yacht.”  Though searching through Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page last year might have led you to think he spends all […]

WhatsApp officially launches its app for businesses in select markets

January 18, 2018 admin 0

WhatsApp today officially launched its new WhatsApp Business app in select markets, including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S., ahead of its planned worldwide rollout. The addition of business profiles and new messaging tools aimed at business customers is part of the company’s broader plan to generate revenue by […]

Instagram just added a powerful new way to stalk people on the app

January 18, 2018 admin 0

Image: lili sams/mashable By Raymond Wong2018-01-18 15:41:02 UTC Instagram is now even more of a stalker’s paradise. Everyone’s favorite photo and video sharing app has just added an “Activity Status” that lets all your friends and followers “see when you were last active” on the app, just like on Facebook […]

6 Ways to Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

January 18, 2018 admin 0

January 18th, 2018 You know what you should do? Add hashtags to your Instagram Stories. You invested serious resources into creating and capturing the perfect Instagram Story. Maybe you put yourself in precarious situations. Maybe you spent eons testing filters and pondering witty captions. When you “do it for the […]

Facebook agrees to take a deeper look into Russian Brexit meddling

January 18, 2018 admin 0

Facebook has said it will conduct a wider investigation into whether there was Russian meddling on its platform relating to the 2016 Brexit referendum vote in the UK. Yesterday its UK policy director Simon Milner wrote to a parliamentary committee that’s been conducting a wide-ranging enquiry into fake news — […]