10 notable domain name sales at NameJet last month – country domain sells for $13k!

Here’s what sold at NameJet last month that caught my eye.

How much is a domain name that matches a country’s name worth? It depends a lot on the country. Let’s say you’re a company with a thug leader, hyperinflation, susceptibility to coups and that people only visit to kill elephants. I’d say that would sell for about $130,000 in the go-go days of 2007 and just $42,500 in five years later. Just a ballpark estimate, there.

If you’re a poor and small country bordered by Afghanistan that had a civil war just 20 years ago, it could be as low as $13,101.

Tajikistan.com was one of the notable sales on NameJet’s sales list for November. Here are ten that caught my eye:

Tajikistan.com $13,101 – This is probably the lowest price I’ve seen paid for a country domain name. Tajikstan has about 8.7 million residents and a GDP per person of $3,000.

MowingServices.com $10,250 – I get that this is a big business, but I’m still surprised this hit five figures in an auction.

VisaCards.com $10,000 – Before you say “what idiot paid $10,000 for a domain they’d lose in a UDRP!”, you should know that Visa bought it.

SmokeScreen.com $9,998 – A fun domain name but I can’t figure out what to use it for. It’s almost like the buyer is throwing up a smoke screen.

Pink.org $9,000 – This appears to be a direct sale from Tucows’ inventory.

OnlineBilling.com $6,978 – Such a big business. Even though an online billing company wouldn’t use this as a brand, they’d buy it to use it.

Glowstick.com $5,555 – Not sure if you could use this as a brand in addition to selling glowing toys.

Softporn.com $5,000 – Porn.com sold for 1,900x.

OmniBank.com $3,001 – Don’t be surprised to see this one hit with a UDRP. It’s much better than TheOmniBankOnline.com.

Motorized.com $2,700 – I think the buyer does well on this in the long run. Motorization is a big market. Could also make a good brand name for a marketing agency, although motorize would be better.

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