Digital Marketing News: 2018 Creative Trends, Organic Facebook Dead, YouTube Tightens Up

January 19, 2018 admin 0

2018 Creative Trends – Shutterstock’s data and creative teams analyzed their customers’ billions of searches for images, footage, and music search and download data to discover the biggest year-over-year increases. What are the top trends? Fantasy, New Minimalism, Space, Natural Luxury, and Punchy Pastels among others. – Shutterstock [embedded content] ‘Organic reach […]

YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube

January 19, 2018 admin 0 to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? Wondering how to help your videos perform well with the YouTube algorithm? To explore how to get more views for your videos on YouTube, I interview Sean Cannell. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk […]

How To Internationalize Your WordPress Website

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On September 30th, 2017, the international WordPress community united for 24 hours to translate the WordPress ecosystem. For the third time, #WPTranslationDay fused an all-day translating marathon with digital and contributor day events designed to promote the value of creating accessible experiences for global users, better known as “localization”. As […]

MPAA Wins $19.8 Million From Pirate Site Pubfilm

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In recent years the MPAA has pursued legal action against several pirate sites and the streaming service Pubfilm is one of their latest targets. Hollywood’s industry group initially kept the lawsuit secret. This was done to prevent Pubfilm’s operator from moving to a new domain preemptively. While this strategy worked, […]

5 rules for writing effective onboarding emails

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Advice for tech marketers rarely covers the words they should be using. Perhaps that’s not surprising in a business that takes perverse pride in its jargon, acronyms, neologisms and quirky branding. But bear with me, because I’m going to bring my inner word nerd out to play. Don’t worry — […]